Hannah House Residents:

Back Row (left to right):

Josiah • Grade 5

Isabella • Grade 10

Eric • Grade 1

Agnes • Grade 7

Chance • Grade 2

Middle Row (left to right):

Pankresius • Grade 1

Julia • Kindergarten

Michael • Kindergarten

Front Row (left to right):

Masuku • Have not started school.

Raphael • Kindergarten

Auntie Monde Sitwala House Mother

The Hannah House is home to ten of our children, along with their housemother Auntie Monde and her daughter Nkwata. The children wash their own clothing, and participate in chores to take care of the cooking, the cottage, the yard, and the garden.

During the day the high school children attend school. After school hours they receive tutoring and like to play sports, sing, and dance. Each evening the girls have a family Bible Study, attend church on Sunday, and once a week join the other members of the COZV family for a movie or other fun gathering.

The children are thankful for their sponsors. They ask prayers for their schooling, making good friends, obeying their housemother and teachers, and that they would grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord.

Click the sponsorship button below to sponsor Hannah House. A monthly sponsorship of $30 is suggested; however, any amount will help care for these amazing children.