The Children of Zion Village was originally established as a Christian home for orphans of the AIDS pandemic in the southern African nation of Namibia. It is located along the Zambezi River in the northeast corner of Namibia. Our children come from several different tribal and language groups.

The “village” opened in January 2003 and is now home to about 50 children. In the beginning, most of the children were placed in our care because they had lost their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to AIDS.  Today children may be placed with us for a variety of reasons.  They may be orphaned because of AIDS or other illness, or may have become vulnerable because of parental illness, incarceration, poverty, neglect, or human trafficking.

Here the boys and girls receive love, nutrition, shelter, healthcare, academic, vocational and Bible education, and become part of one large Christian family. Our missionaries, volunteers, and Namibian staff work together to raise the children in our “village”.