2021 Gift Catalog

The Plight

Namibia has over 200,000 orphaned and vulnerable children under the age of 15 alone. With intervention from organizations, such as Children of Zion, these children can be saved from living on the streets, slave labor, human trafficking, disease, starvation and death. The plight of the orphan is great. The continued cycle of poverty and illness is all too common. God’s command to “go ye into all the world” and to “care for the orphans and the widows in their distress” is taken seriously by Children of Zion, Inc.

No Child Should Be Homeless and Alone

Founded in January 2003 Children of Zion Village Residential Child Care Facility (RCCF) in Namibia, Africa has provided hope and a home to over 100 children. Most of the children have been placed in our care because they have lost their family to AIDS, war, poverty or neglect. COZV is the only RCCF in the region and without our help and the help of generous donors most of these children would not be alive today. We provide a Christian home for the children entrusted to our care and introduce them to Christ Jesus. We provide nourishment and medical care to promote good health, as well as academic and vocational education to enable the children to be productive citizens and have successful careers.

Our Mission

  • To raise the next generation of Christian leaders from the children entrusted to our care by the Namibian government

  • To provide for the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of these orphaned children

  • To provide education and vocational opportunities to carry these children as far as their aptitude and desires can take them

  • To be diligent in bringing these children up in their Namibian culture

  • To contribute to the local economy by hiring from within local villages

  • To lead other people, congregations and organizations into orphan care

It is that time of year where we struggle with the idea of buying family and friends that one very special gift, especially when we all have so much. This year, instead of buying things that your family and friends do not need, give a gift in their name to Children of Zion Village where the need is great and thankfulness is overflowing!

Okay, you have identified those special loved ones! Now, please take a few minutes to peek inside, find them that perfect gift that will keep on giving for years to come and order below. Once your order is received, COZ, Inc. will mail you a Christmas Card for each gift you have given, ready to personalize and deliver to your loved ones.

Please share this catalog with your friends and family, so more help can be given and more love shared.

Blind Faith

Give where it is most needed. You determine the amount and we will use what you give where it will make the greatest impact for our children.

Transportation -

Thank you to all who generously donated to buy our new van!

The need for reliable transportation to move more than 50 children each day to school, travel to the market, take children to doctor appointments and to church on Sunday, and to maintain and care for the property and the homes that house our children is an ultimate necessity. Because we are located in the bush area of Namibia, and because of the damage caused to our dirt and sand roads by the rainy season, the lifespan of our vehicles is greatly shortened. Each of our vehicles average a minimum of $5,000-$10,000 of repair and maintenance each year. In 2020, both the truck and the Quantum (12-15 passenger van) stopped running, leaving the COZV family without transportation, resulting in no means to get children to school or doctor appointments. With your help, we will be able to add an additional large passenger vehicle to aid with transporting the children.


A Place to Call Home

Many of our children were found living on the streets, or in the bush using abandoned tires or cardboard boxes for shelter and protection from the harsh environment. You can help us build a cottage that would be home to eight children and provide a year’s salary for a native housemother.



Children need a quality education to give them the skills and knowledge that will provide opportunities for employment in an area where unemployment is extremely high.


Counseling Sessions

Our children come to us from extreme traumatic situations. Some living on the streets begging for food to survive, others sold into human trafficking by their own family, others abandoned by parents who have died or who are unfit to care for them. These children live daily with these hurts and are in need of counseling to help them heal.


per child for eight one hour sessions

Staff Salary for a Month

Investing into the community and the local economy is one of our priorities and the reason why we hire from within the local community. Our amazing staff provide culture, spiritual guidance and love in a way that could only be done by someone who understands.


Vaccinations, Vitamins & Preventive Medicinal Measures

Malaria medication, nutritional supplements and medical check-ups make all the difference in keeping children healthy and active.


Pot of Pap for a Year

Pap, or cornmeal, is the basic staple for children and adults in our community. Filling and readily available, pap is a favorite of our children and staff.


One Goat

Providing wholesome, delicious milk and nutrient-packed fertilizer these adorable creatures provide not only nutrition but tons of smiles to boot!!


Patty-Pats, Chitenges & Uniforms

Patty-pats (shoes), chitenges (much like a sarong) and more. Clothe a child for play, chores and school for a year.


Farming Needs

An opportunity for sustainability and nourishment combined for our children. You can provide the essential equipment for productive gardening such as irrigation, tools and seeds that will give us food to sell and nourishment for our children.


Music Education

Namibia is a country where music is part of people’s soul. It is a way to express both joy and sorrow. Many of our children play instruments, sing, and dance. To expand our children’s education on the subject of music, we have recently started a two day a week music class where the children can learn and improve their natural abilities. You can help the children get the most out of the music classes by helping cover the cost of instruments, music, and books.


One Chicken

Chickens provide not only food for our children, but the opportunity for a sustainable business plan through breeding and selling chickens and eggs.




Hi there, my name is Benedicta. I’m 13 years old and am in Grade 6 at Du Plessis Private School. My favorite past time is music and I am learning to play the piano. I also like it when we play together as a family. I don’t like it when I am lonely.

When I grow up, I would like to be a medical doctor. My prayer request is that God provides for me so that I can pass and finish school so that I can help my family. My favorite memory verse is John 3 vs 16 which states that ‘For God so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him shall not die but will have eternal life’

Thank you everyone for the support you give us. Thank you again for your prayers. God bless you all!


Greetings. My name is Glen. I’m in Grade 5 at Du Plessis Private School. I’m 14 years old. I came from Windhoek, which is about 1400 km away from here and I have been here since November 2019.

I like to play with my many brothers and sisters. I also like going to school. I’m happy to have such a big family. When I grow up, I want to be a Police officer because I don’t like criminals.

My prayer request is that I finish school well and God protects us from harmful things. My favorite Bible verse is Psalms 127 vs 1 which says ‘if the Lord doesn’t build himself, those who build labor in vain. If the Lord doesn’t watch over a city, the watchman works in vain’

Thank you all for your assistance and prayers. God bless you!

Uncle Tau

Mucwani! (The Lozi version of Hello!)

We can’t believe that it has been 2 years already since we heeded to the Lord’s call to this amazing ministry. I don’t remember any other two years that moved as fast as these ones! Last time you heard from my beautiful wife, ‘Auntie Priscah’ to all our children. What a year it has been since that last update.

Of course, we had to deal with the coronavirus as everyone else. Thankfully, we didn’t have any one in our big family infected. All our families and staff and their families too are safe. What a blessing that is to us. The pandemic meant that schools were closed, and we suddenly had to be with all our children daily at home the whole day for three months! That was fun. And a lot more. In other instances, we also had to have all our staff here at the village for a month or two weeks. That too was fun. We used that time to bond and let the new children adjust to their environment. We are obviously eternally grateful that we never lacked anything during this period and our only concern was to keep everyone away from the virus.

We also had to deal with flooding this year. That wasn’t fun. Transporting food supplies from town in the boat was some scary experience. But we are thankful that we didn’t need to vacate our beautiful place.

We have had a number of new additions this year and for some reasons, almost all of these beautiful souls are babies. The youngest just turned 3 months now, having joined us as a 4-week-old baby!

The joy of seeing these children grow every day is priceless. I’m yet to experience anything that brings in more joy than that. We are beyond awed by the provisions that everyone make to ensure that this ministry goes as well as it is. We thank you all for the support, be it financial or spiritual. We are proud beneficiaries of your prayer and supplications. We are all humbled and grateful.

Bless you all!

Thank you!

Due to the generosity of all those who participated in the First Annual Children of Zion Village Christmas Fundraiser Campaign, we now have an additional cottage, Candle of Hope, and a new water well. The garden and the farm produced so much food that COZV was able to share their fresh produce with the village families and had plenty of fresh milk and eggs to feed all of our children.

We thank you all for making it possible to care for each of these amazing and wonderful children, provide them with a loving home, care for them and help them grow into compassionate and knowledgeable citizens who will know the Gospel and the love of Christ.

You all are such a wonderful blessing to this ministry! THANK YOU