Sometimes church congregations feel called to become a partner with our mission in Namibia. When churches decided to become a partner with Children of Zion Village they form a special relationship that is not only beneficial for the kids in Africa but helps build a stronger church at home. Partner churches provide prayer and financial support for the establishment and operations of the Children of Zion Village. Members help encourage church members to sponsor a child at our orphanage. Partner churches facilitate mission trips by church members to minister at the home in Namibia. Churches send volunteers and groups on both short and long term basis. Partner churches also actively participate in funding projects. If your congregation wants to put their faith in action by partnering with Children of Zion please contact us to learn how you can help.

Why Should a Church Become a Partner?

  • This is a Christ-based ministry.

  • This is a ministry to bring orphans to Salvation in Jesus Christ.

  • This is a ministry to AIDS victims & their children.

  • This is a ministry to famine victims.

  • This is a ministry of clothing, feeding, sheltering, and teaching the “least of these”.

  • This is ministry to help children become Christian leaders in Namibia.

  • This is a witness that local Churches can work together in collaborative ministry towards Godly purposes.

  • This will provide a location to which youth and adults may go to serve on short and long term missions and work directly with their “sponsored children”.

If you are interested in becoming a church partner please email us at