2021 Gift Catalog

The Plight

Namibia has over 200,000 orphaned and vulnerable children under the age of 15 alone. With intervention from organizations, such as Children of Zion, these children can be saved from living on the streets, slave labor, human trafficking, disease, starvation and death. The plight of the orphan is great. The continued cycle of poverty and illness is all too common. God’s command to “go ye into all the world” and to “care for the orphans and the widows in their distress” is taken seriously by Children of Zion, Inc.

No Child Should Be Homeless and Alone

Founded in January 2003 Children of Zion Village Residential Child Care Facility (RCCF) in Namibia, Africa has provided hope and a home to over 100 children. Most of the children have been placed in our care because they have lost their family to AIDS, war, poverty or neglect. COZV is the only RCCF in the region and without our help and the help of generous donors most of these children would not be alive today. We provide a Christian home for the children entrusted to our care and introduce them to Christ Jesus. We provide nourishment and medical care to promote good health, as well as academic and vocational education to enable the children to be productive citizens and have successful careers.

Our Mission

It is that time of year where we struggle with the idea of buying family and friends that one very special gift, especially when we all have so much. This year, instead of buying things that your family and friends do not need, give a gift in their name to Children of Zion Village where the need is great and thankfulness is overflowing! 

Okay, you have identified those special loved ones! Now, please take a few minutes to peek inside, find them that perfect gift that will keep on giving for years to come and order below. Once your order is received, COZ, Inc. will mail you a Christmas Card for each gift you have given, ready to personalize and deliver to your loved ones.

Please share this catalog with your friends and family, so more help can be given and more love shared.

Blind Faith

Give where it is most needed. You determine the amount and we will use what you give where it will make the greatest impact for our children.

Cottage & Facility Maintenance

Due to age of the our facilities at COZV much of them are in need of repairs. Not only the age but also the high level of use daily; such as the seven cottages that house eight or more children, our main kitchen used to feed 50 to 60 children three meals a day, and the directors’ house which is shared by visitors and mission teams. Repairs include roofs, replacing plumbing, replacing cabinetry and much, much more. Help us achieve this huge undertaking in 2022.


Furnish a Cottage

With most of our 7 cottages housing 8 or more children for several years, many of them are in need of new furnishings. Most cottages have 3 bedrooms, a small living and eating area, bathroom, and small kitchen. You can help us furnish a room or the whole cottage. Sturdy furniture in this region is handcrafted and very expensive. Your gift will not only help our children, but will also help support the locals who build quality merchandise as opposed to shipped in furniture that needs to be replaced frequently.

Furnish a Bathroom $200

Shelving and Linens

Furnish a House Mother’s Bedroom$1,000

 2 Beds (some have a child), Table and Chair, Wardrobe, Linens

Furnish a Kitchen$1,500

Mini Oven/w Hot Plates, Utensils, Dishes, Pots and Pans, Table & Chairs

Furnish the Family Room$1,600

Sofa, Lamps, and Tables

Furnish the Children’s Bedroom$2,100

(2 per house)– 3 sets of Bunkbeds, Wardrobes, Linens

Furnish a Cottage$6,400


Children need a quality education to give them the skills and knowledge that will provide opportunities for employment in an area where unemployment is extremely high.


Tutoring Sessions for a Struggling Child

Sadly, most of our children come to us with minimal to no education, often in their teens and not able to read or write. Many have been trafficked or forced in child labor and have never been given the opportunity to attend school. Since we receive children from many different regions most speak their own tribal language and very little English. These children need individual, one on one tutoring to help to bridge the educational gap they face before attending school. Our goal is to educate each child so they can reach their full potential.

$100 Tutoring sessions for five children for one month

Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance

The need for reliable transportation to take children to school, church and to the doctor, maintain the village, and to travel to the market is a necessity. Due to the road conditions, dirt and sand, and the rainy season, maintenance of the Village vehicles is a common occurrence and often costly. Help us defer some of the $5,000.00 spent a year to keep the Village vehicles on the road! You determine the amount and we will use what you give to keep our vehicles moving!


for one full year of vehicle maintenance

Solar Power for the Village

Energy costs in Namibia have substantially increased over the past few years and continue to climb. Often the electricity from the town fails. To seek energy independence and achieve an overall major cost savings for COZV, we are hoping to install and convert to solar power in the Village. You can help us achieve this goal by sponsoring a solar panel.


Buy a Book

At COZV we have a small library which was once filled with beautiful books but because of years of curious children’s minds and busy hands, most of the books need to be replaced. We need your help to once again fill the shelves of the library with the books that will engage the curious minds of the children, giving them the opportunity to explore the world through the pages of a book. You can help us build the COZV library one book at a time.

Buy 1 Book – $10

Buy 5 Books – $50

Buy 10 Books – $100

Adopt a Book Shelf and Fill it with Books – $1,000

Vaccinations, Vitamins & Preventive Medicinal Measures

Malaria medication, nutritional supplements and medical check-ups make all the difference in keeping children healthy and active.


Patty-Pats, Chitenges & Uniforms

Patty-pats (shoes), chitenges (much like a sarong) and more. Clothe a child for play, chores and school for a year.


One Goat

Providing wholesome, delicious milk and nutrient-packed fertilizer these adorable creatures provide not only nutrition but tons of smiles to boot!!


One Chicken

Chickens provide not only food for our children, but the opportunity for a sustainable business plan through breeding and selling chickens and eggs.


Sponsor a Child for a Year

Sponsoring a child is a unique way to support COZV on a personal level. Through sponsorship you help cover the costs of shelter, food, clothing, and preventative care for one of our children. Sponsoring a child already? What a great gift to give for Christmas! To choose one of these amazing children, click here.


Tau & Priscah

(COZV directors)

Greetings from Namibia!

It is always a humbling experience to get in touch with you all by means of this testimony. What a year it has been!

In the midst of the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic and its countless consequences, we are extremely grateful that God kept blessing us. We, just like all the years we have been here, have seen the Lord’s hand, and indeed, the words of King David in Psalms 124 v 1 where he says, ‘if it had not been the Lord who was on our side, now may Israel say’ are being fulfilled every single day.

The year has been loaded with countless blessings. Firstly, we added one little Angel to the family. My wife and I welcomed our first child, T.J (Tavonga Jason) in September. In fact he just turned one month old! Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are truly humbled.

Through your support, we managed to acquire a new bus! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! We are now able to carry all our children to school in two trips! This, in a year where all economies took knocks, is a massive blessing.

We also now have a state-of-the-art water purification system!

Our prayer now is we move from using electricity to solar energy. This would be a huge monthly money saving adventure.

Our children have been doing very well. We are thankful that up to date, none of our children have been ill. The Lord indeed looks after His own. We had one child, Purity, adopted. It was a mixture of emotions losing her. We are however ultimately thankful that she has adapted well, and she feels loved by her new family.

Our children continue to grow. Our staff continue working hard and for all that, we remain thankful and humbled.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you!


Greetings to you all.

My name is Beverly, a 16-year-old girl in Grade 5 at Du Plessis Private School. I love dancing, singing and playing sports such as netball. I love playing with my brothers and sisters. I love playing with them a lot because they are fun, lovely and kind.

What I don’t like is when we fight and get angry with one another. I also don’t like it when we don’t help those who are in need. When I grow up, I want to become a social worker because I have a passion of helping those who are in need, especially children.

My prayer is that God will help me to work hard and achieve my dream.

My favourite bible verse is Psalms 27 v 1 which states that ‘The Lord is my light and salvation. Whom shall I fear?’ the Lord is the strength of my life: of whom shall I be afraid of?

Thank you very much for your support and prayers. God bless you!

Lisa Koop

Mission Team Member

One of my favorite quotes is by Frederick Buechener and it states, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” For me, this place is nestled along the shores of the Zambezi River at the Children of Zion Village. It was a privilege for me to be a member of two mission teams that served at the orphanage.

Make no mistake. There is a deep hunger present in Africa. There is great need at COZV – the literal hunger for food, the hunger for safety and security to protect vulnerable children, the need for shelter, the need for clothing, the need for education, the need for medicine, and the need for transportation. I saw firsthand how important donors are to filling these needs and to the survival of this mission.

Yet, spending time with these precious children afforded me deep gladness. Although there is much sadness there – children rescued from sex trafficking, parents unable to care for their children, babies abandoned, and children who have faced unimaginable trauma, there is also great gladness. The Children of Zion Village is a place filled with immeasurable joy and an amazing feeling of peace. I could feel God’s presence there. It was in the children’s smiling faces, their limitless energy racing up and down the soccer field, their skill at climbing up and over sand dunes in the bush while on a biscuit walk, their joyful singing, their eagerness to learn about the team members and our country, and, most of all, their hugs. As a Momma, I believe that there is no greater joy than being wrapped in the arms of a sweet little child. And with over fifty children at the orphanage, there are hugs galore there!

It’s difficult to explain how much the Children of Zion Village means to me. Going there is truly life-changing. Leaving there is one of the hardest things to do. But I’m able to because I know that the children are well fed, taken care of, and truly loved. Though I may no longer be holding them in my arms, I will forever hold these sweet children in my prayers and in my heart. I may return home, but my heart remains in Namibia.

Thank you!

Children of Zion Village has faced many challenges this past year, just as all of us have, due to the COVID pandemic. But without fail, God has shown up through so many amazing people who sacrifice to give financially to these beautiful children. We would love to be able to show you just a glimpse of how deep our gratitude runs, but since that would be immeasurable we instead choose to pray that God would return the blessings you give. Because of your faithfulness our children found love and stability despite the craziness all around them. Because of your compassion our children have been able to see gardens grow, clean water flow, and God’s provision in every area of their lives. Because of your vision our children have received a new bus to take them to school, tutors to help them reach their full potential, and staff to help them learn life skills and positive character traits. Because of your obedience to the calling to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children around the world, our children, continue to thrive, to learn about Jesus, and to spread joy to others.

Because of you....